Inspired by the richness of his cultural lineage, growing up in Beirut as the son of the city’s most celebrated jeweler, Vram Minassian has emerged as a jewelry designer best known for his artfully crafted, provocative collections. Minassian’s work fuses a dual perspective, honoring the design traditions and pedigree of his family name, while creating pieces that evoke style and timelessness.

Representing the complete vision of his aesthetic signature, Minassian established his eponymous jewelry collection, VRAM, in Beverly Hills, California in 1993, following education in Paris.

A lifelong fascination for engagement rings in particular, “the way they ornament the hand, their clear statement of sentiment; as one with the adorned,” as Minassian says, are the flagship pieces of his jewelry collection and the centerpiece of his enduring relationship with the “nuances of rare gems and their irresistible allure.” As Minassian believes, “a beautifully bejeweled hand is like a runway walk in fashion – nothing quite optimizes the beauty of a jewel like the hands. Every movement or gesture presents another opportunity for the ring to catch light and dazzle with its beauty, casting its aura of love, commitment and meaning.”

Today, the VRAM collection re-imagines the possibilities of mixing traditional techniques with modern sensibility. Along with Minassian’s designs, VRAM gemologists and prized artisans reflect a bespoke approach to construction, leaving a lasting impression on enthusiasts who seek modern interpretations of classic designs, rooted in the milieu of integrity, beauty and time-honored practices.

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